Wild Rumpus Dragon Dance and Drum Circle

To start Glimmerdark of properly, join us Friday evening to set a celebratory tone at the Wild Rumpus Dragon Dance & Drum Circle!

Good Faeries, Bad Faeries
Seelie or Un
Gather ye round
It’s past time we’d begun

Dryads and nymphs
Trollfolk and gnomes
Heed now the drums as we
Welcome you home

Both Elven grace and
Dwarven might
Will mingle with mermaids
On this joyous night

Now heed the beat of the drums
Like the beat of your hearts
For in the words of King Mz


When the drums begin to beat, there is
nothing left to do but dance and celebrate
no matter who or what you are.
Bring a drum and join the circle,
Bring a booty to shake.
Bring a smile for new friends and old.
This Dragon Dance Drum Circle is
sponsored by and brought to you by
Prof. Mark Donnelly – Stickman at Canes Enable
and by the talents of Midnight Orchard Designs