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Water Fasting Finale - How I helped my daughter lose 60lb in only 90 days the RIGHT WAY

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A quick history of this entire series. She and I were both overweight at the end of January and needed to drop some LBs. I've been using water fasting to lose weight for years due to my personal binge eating BS so I have LOADS of experience in weight loss. Alexis decided to join me on a training camp to help her lose some weight. After hearing about her life situation and the things she had kept hidden and was ashamed of, I knew losing weight wouldn't be enough to get her fixed up. Ergo, I created a total body transformation plan called (Daddy daughter boot camp).

It required her to move into my house (And bring my grandkids). It required a 24/7 routine where I would help her stay on her fast (And her help me stay on mine). We would train, loads of walking...30000 steps every singe day to be exact. NO DAYS OFF!
I would teach her how to properly exercise using body weight and simple dumbbells. (Push-ups, Sit-ups, Squats, Jumps, Etc). I would teach her self defense (At least enough to disable an attacker and gain the time to run the heck away. I also made her RUN so she would be faster and able to get away from a would-be attacker).

I lied to her at the start because the first 3 days of a fast are so hard. I told her we'd begin camp with only 100 hours of water fasting. (My plan was to get a big jump on the weight loss during a single extended fast). She ended up taking that first fast to 40 days and I took mine to 30 days. After which, she was already down to 164lb (40lb in 40 days, good start). That was when I started teaching her about general nutrition and how to meal prep/maintain portion control/count calories/choose the right foods.

I cooked dinner for her every night and made every snack she ate for the remainder of camp. I added more exercise in and got her used to punching the bag so she'll be used to punching if the need arises. This continued through the end of the boot camp schedule. At which time she moved back to her house and kept plugging away on the plan. By then the plan was
1. 1600 calorie intake daily (Using the diet plan I made for her)
2. 20000 steps daily
3. Do all 3 body weight exercises daily
4. Video daily doing a challenge (Sit-up challenge to start)

After a few weeks she noticed lbs still coming off and her muscles starting to build nicely. When she reached 154, she asked me to fast with her one last time. We did 7 days of water fasting (That was the plan, we ended up doing 10 days though)

After those 10 days, she was down to 144lb and she is currently exactly where she wants to be as far as weight. Now, she's focusing on building muscle and strength. Just in time for her new life to begin when she moves.

Very proud dad here!

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Books to help educate you about fasting, autophagy and your body
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