Walking With the Dark Queen, Working With the Morrighan in Path and Practice

img_1341Do you identify as fae, do you feel drawn to ravens and crows, do you like working on the darker side of things? You may be a child of the Morrighan. This class will teach you a little history about the Morrighan and how She relates to the fae. We will also discuss the payoffs and perils of working with Her in spiritual and magical practices. I will also go over and provide a dedication ritual for working with Her.

Johanna is really a merfae by the name of Maelstrom in her heart and spirit. She has been a follower of the Morrighan in both life and practice since the dark goddess chose her about 4 years ago. She is looking forward to her debut presenting at Jeff Mach’s Glimmerdark and teaching others to walk with the Dark Queen and finding their inner fae.