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Top 5 Reasons To Take L REUTERI for HAIR LOSS

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I want to introduce you to this little guy....
His full name is lactobacillus reuteri, but we usually just call him L reuteri. He’s a gut bacteria. One of the good ones, the probiotics. And in today’s video I’ll tell you all the reasons why you want to be supplementing with l reuteri. ESPECIALLY if you have hair loss. Stay tuned.

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????0:29 - Intro
????1:08 - What are probiotics ?
????2:05 - Stimulate hair into anagen cycle
????3:45 - Regulate sebum production
????6:05 - Gut-hair loss connection
????7:45 - L reuteri health benefits
????9:27 - No side effects


Now before we get into l reuteri, I wanna quickly show you the Hairguard complete Hairbiotic
…which I’ve linked to in the description.

It contains 6 different bacterial species that have been shown to provide a wide range of health benefits.

With special emphasis on those that also promote hair growth.

And l reuteri is the very first species we put into this formula.

As I said, check out the link in the description to find out more.

So, at any given time, there’s over one thousand different species of bacteria in out gut.

And along with other kinds of microorganisms, they comprise the so-called microbiome.

Most of these bacteria are not just helpful.

They’re actually necessary for the normal functioning of our gut, and by consequence our entire body.

For this reason, these good guys are called “probiotics”. Which literally means enhancing or supporting life.

And the probiotic we’ll be looking at today is Lactobacillus reuteri.

This bacteria used to be very common in humans a few decades back.

It was passed naturally passed from mother to child during breast feeding.

But for reasons that are probably related to poor diets and unhealthy lifestyles, it’s now found in fewer and fewer people.

Now, you wanna be having probiotics in your diet for a variety of reasons that we’ll touch on in today’s video.

And you definitely % want l reuteri to be one of them.

Especially if you’re suffering from hair loss.

So let’s get into it:

L Reuteri can stimulate hair to get into the anagen growth phase of the cycle.

Contrary to what the naked eye suggests, the hair on our head is not constantly growing.

Each hair follicle actually goes through a constant cycle, with 3 stages.

Firstly, in the growth phase, the hair follicle expands in size and creates the actual hair shaft. This is the visible part, what we actually call “hair”.

This only gets longer in the growth phase.

In the next phase the follicle starts to shrink, to make way for the third and final phase of the cycle.

The so-called resting phase.

It’s during this resting phase that the hair falls off, and a new hair shaft will need to be created and grown out from scratch.

Now, the hair follicles on our scalp go through their cycles independent of one another. So their cycles are not synchronized.

Normally you have around 90% of hairs in growth phase, and almost all the rest in resting phase, in the process of falling off.

But one of the hallmarks of male pattern baldness is that the normal hair growth cycle is altered.

So when you’re going bald, the percentage of hairs in the growth phase drops dramatically, and the percentage of resting hairs rises.

With fewer follicles growing out hair shafts, the scalp starts to get visibly thin.

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