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The Steampunk Haunted House

Yes, it’s true! We’re making a STEAMPUNK HAUNTED HOUSE! The Kickstarter goes live on Monday, 8/21/2017; PLEASE DO RSVP for the Facebook event to keep up with the latest info.  Fittingly, it will happen in the darkness of the coming eclipse! We’re so excited that we’ll say it again… We’re Making A Steampunk Haunted House! […]

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2017 Buskers at Glimmerdark

Who knows what wonders you will find – entertainment awaits around every corners! Buslkers at Glimmerdark will include: Boy Andersen – Bootblack, shoe shine and leather care Captain Zorikh – Comedic songs | Website Courtney Gwenn, Sky Sprite – stiltwalking The Creepy Bard – minstrel | Website Gypsy Funk Squad – world music and dance | Website […]

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Champagne bottle with glasses. Celebration theme with champagne still life

A Glimmerdark Welcoming Toast

We welcome each and every one of you to our events.  Let us salute you with a toast! To merriment! to magic released! To science strange! To company sweet! To alcohol, caffeine, and fairy dust! To the unexpected, the unexplored, and the impossible! To good beginnings, safe endings, and a middle we shall never speak […]

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A Halo Called Fred

In their role as musical Emissary to the fairies, A Halo Called Fred has been bridging the gap between all forms of the magic and the mundane for over 20 years. Over the years they have been spotted at such events as Wicked Faire, The Steampunk World’s Fair, and the Mythmusica Music and Faerie Festival […]

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history of magic

A History of Magic – Magic Through History

This presentation explores some of the changing attitudes towards magic, magicians, witchcraft, sorcery, demonology, alchemy, heresy, divination, spiritualism, Satanism, and performance magicians throughout history. From the dawn of time, mankind has been fascinated by the idea of magical power and all it implies – from foretelling the future to conjuring demons and other denizens of […]

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A Simple Waiver…

You’ll need to sign this simple waiver to attend our show: WARNING: ENTER GLIMMERDARK AT YOUR OWN RISK. Management will not be held responsible for confusion and bedazzlement, disturbances in the Force, love potions, Ragnarok, the end of the world, spontaneous pointy-ear syndrome, Puck, vanishing Faerie gold, increasing Faerie alcohol tolerance, unmanaged mischief, TARDIS malfunctions, […]

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A Very Fae Murder Mystery

Enter the dangerous landscape of Katherine McIntyre’s novel, Hunting for Spring, a darker side of Philly filled with fae, necromancers, witches, and the hunters who keep order. The Order of the Serpent, a group of Unseelie, has their eyes set on destroying this city, so the Philadelphia Coven has called a council of representatives from the supernatural […]

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Andrea Davenport Designs

Andrea Davenport Designs combines a fine-tuned industrial sensibility with a heart of organic and vintage elements to produce delicate handcrafted jewelry with a subtle edge. On top of that, Drea’s sea salt caramels are well known at every event, and they sell out fast! Vending with Solstice Brews

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Audie: Bellydancing

Audie’s Earthkin Belly Dance Audie will perform a fusion belly dance routine evoking the spirit of the Woodland Faerie. Audie’s Earthkin Belly Dance: Shapeshifting Through Time Audie the Earthkin faerie dances through space and time a when she discovers a strange crystal in the wood. Learn Fusion Belly Dance with Audie Participants will discover the […]

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Author Guest of Honor: Melissa Marr

Best-selling author of dark fantasy worlds for adults and teens Melissa Marr grew up believing in faeries, ghosts and various other creatures. After teaching college literature for a decade, she applied her fascination with folklore to writing. Her first novel, the New York Times bestseller Wicked Lovely, was published in 2007. Others in the Young […]

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Body and Face Painting Demo

Do you love the look of face or body painting? Do you enjoy getting painted up at your local Renaissance festival or party? How would you like to learn some of the basic tips and techniques to create beautiful face and body art? This demo class will go over some basics of mixing colors, applying […]

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Busking Application Open

The Busking Application is now open! Thank you for your interest in busking at the Glimmerdark 2017!  Please fill this application out and we’ll be in touch shortly! If approved, you will receive permission to busk at the event, weekend admission to the event, the ability to collect tips during your busking performances, and access […]

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Can a TARDIS get you out of Fairyland?

As any seasoned traveler knows, it’s sometimes easier to get into places than to get out. This can be for a variety of reasons, ranging from angry locals to arcane hospitality customs to nonstandard rules of physics. Our collected panel of world-walkers is here to tell you stories of their escapes and answer any questions […]

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Canes Enable

Purveyors of Unique and Antique Walking Sticks, Canes, Cudgels, Umbrellas, Parasols, Brollies, Gamps, Bumbershoots, and En Tout Cas as well as antique accessories and oddities for discerning Ladies and Gentlemen.

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CJ Lookcraft

Custom blended cosmetics and aromatherapy body and bath products. Fairy jewelry that is available to put a custom blend into. Airbrushing fantasy makeup for the little fairies attending! The makeup I will blend will offer a wide variety of possibilities to everyone who wants to have that color that only is in their imagination! We […]

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“This coffee falls into your stomach, and straightway there is a general commotion. Ideas begin to move like the battalions of the Grand Army of the battlefield, and the battle takes place. Things remembered arrive at full gallop, ensuing to the wind. The light cavalry of comparisons deliver a magnificent deploying charge, the artillery of […]

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glimmerdark moon

Come home to Fairyland

“Faërie contains many things besides elves and fays, and besides dwarfs, witches, trolls, giants, or dragons; it holds the seas, the sun, the moon, the sky; and the earth, and all things that are in it: tree and bird, water and stone, wine and bread, and ourselves, mortal men, when we are enchanted.” ― J.R.R. […]

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Consent Based Flirting

So, you meet a cutie. You want to do sweet and possibly sexy things with them. What happens next? How can you practice good consent and still end up having a chance to “taste that rainbow”? Well, Akabi is here to help. Through a series of discussions and activities, we will practice and explore how […]

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AoB pic 3

Coveilance Dance Project

The Desert Mermaids of Coveilance Dance Project invite you to experience the shimmering beauty of the veil. Veil work is one of the most beautiful forms of Belly Dance – ethereal and other-wordly in its flow and movement, with the ability to transport you to an incredible place of meditation and peace . . . […]

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Creating Magical Characters

Draw and paint your own original magical characters for RPGs, comics and illustration. Guided by Teresa DeFabrizio, artist and teacher, develop character concepts, anatomy, and costumes for your own original character. Artist, educator , and creative person, Teresa DeFabrizio has been an arts advocate, educator, and working artist for close to 20 years now. She […]

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Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery

Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery provides all the ingredients for Making Meal Time Magick! From intention and energy infused flavorful olive oils and gourmet foods, to ritual cooking tools like cutting boards and spoons, the Kitchen Witch has you covered! New to Kitchen Witchery? We have magickal cook books and plenty of recipes to help you […]

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Custom Fairy Wings

Curious about the “Good Folk” flitting about the garden? I have seen these wee creatures and, after much scientific observation, have created fairy catching kits so that others may discover their beauty and magic. I even sell scientific fairy specimens for study. All fairies are farm raised, all organic and humanely harvested. Come join us […]

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Daniel Greenwolf: Celtic Magician

The Faeries weren’t always called Faeries. In fact, they didn’t always have wings… and they sure as hell weren’t always nice. They were called the Aos Sí and they originated in the Celtic Isles. Let Daniel GreenWolf be your mischievous guide through a world of Magic and Myth. Every show he will be performing at […]

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the Court of Queen Mab

Co-founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti is today remembered for the sensuality and haunting realism of his works. While the influences of Dante Alighieri, Sir Thomas Malory, and religion have long been acknowledged and studied in his works, a fuller understanding of Rossetti’s oeuvre is only truly possible by examining the artist’s […]

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DIY Fairy Disguise

Have you ever wanted to mingle among the fae without tipping them off that you are a human? In this crafting class you will be able to do just that by making your own mystical mask. All you need to bring is a small nominal fee ($5 cash to cover supplies) & your idea of […]

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Do you have a room at our host hotel?

Dear Future Glimmerdark Guest, Jeff Mach Events in partnership with the Hyatt Regency Princeton will be running an audit of purchased tickets and confirmed guestroom reservations on Tuesday November 15, 2016. At that time it will be required for any guest with a confirmed reservation at the Hyatt Regency Princeton to either be a paid […]

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dolly glitter

Dolly Glitter

Just a reminder, that you may want to bring a bathing suit to Glimmerdark! Introducing…….Dolly Glitter! A beautiful, fierce, and wild creature, the Unicorn has eluded humans since the beginning of time.  Said to be untamable by man, this breath-taking creature soars through the clouds with elegance and style. Can you tame this mythical beast? […]

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Dr Andy’s All-Night Retro Theater

If you’ve attended a Jeff Mach Event in the last 8 years, you’ve no doubt encountered everyone’s favorite Special Event Operations Mercenary Group, CIRCUIT SIX.  Late Friday evening, C6’s own Commander will take control of the Witherspoon Balleoom and invite night-owls, insomniacs, and eccentric cinemaphiles to sit back and share the joy of late night movies together. […]

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Drinking with Puck

O Puck! Thou without shame or guilt For you this whole damn bar was built And for this night of possibility We decline all responsibility Come hoist a glass with the lord of mischief makers! Come talk, brag, joke, and kick back over a glass of fine mead, or maybe some whiskey, or perhaps some […]

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Dryad Tea

Inspired by music, mythology, and works of literary art, Dryad Tea strives to create blends for tea lovers all over the world. Come see us for over 70 blends and the tea accessories to match!

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Earthly Leather Design

Earthly Leather Design makes handmade leather accessories, from belts to every size and shape of bags; parasol, weapon and wand holsters; Accessory Belts, Bunny Capes and Skirts. We make a little of everything you need leather. We also hand paint a line of Nerf Prop Guns. We also feature Feather Collars and Clothing from Evolve […]

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Erik’s Inspiration

At Erik’s Inspiration, our goal is to create a realm where reality and fantasy collide. We pride ourselves in our collections of hand-crafted masks, ornaments, and accessories inspired by nature and the masquerade. Our work has been shown and sold worldwide and our goal is to provide unique art for those with a passion for […]

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Euphoria Elementalis

Come watch as we explore how the pieces of the world came together to create the elemental masterpiece that is life. Journey with us through air, earth, fire, and water in a luminous acrobatic display filled with fae, dream spirits, and great beasts. Crooked Wing Circus is a performance group that combines aerial acrobatics, martial […]

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Fae & Fable

Fae & Fable specializes in fantasy and nature-inspired crochet. Each design is an original, beginning with our signature Octohat. Designs have since branched out to include hats, bags, and scarves, featuring themes from plant to animal to fungi. With our products, we hope to make the daily mundane a touch more mystic.

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Faerie Houses by Patti

I create one of a kind Faerie houses, cottages, and forest homes (and the occasional Hobbit hole). My Faerie abodes are highly detailed art pieces. Some are suitable for outdoor display in a Faerie Garden, others are more at home for indoor Faeries. Each house has a name and is built around a theme. No […]

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Fairey Crown Cottage

I create FaireyCrowns, Headpieces, Hats, masks, wands, wings, tutus and capes. I specialize in the crowns and headpieces created with semi-precious gemstones, fabric leaves and flowers with different additions depending on the daily muse. My crowns can be added to hats and look brilliant.

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Fantasia’s present Line includes Steampunk Corsets; Clothing for men with clearly one of the best things we carry are Men’s Tuxes that we refurbish and sell for an excellent price; Women’s Clothing specializing in the Tall and Ample, and our new “People of Science” Dolls. We also do Fantasy and Historical clothing for Ball Jointed […]

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Feather Painting with Leslie Casilli

Join Artist Guest of Honor Leslie Casilli as she guides you in the intricate art of Feather Painting. Using Acrylic paint participants will learn how to paint their own feathers. They will be able to choose between painting on a pre-designed feather, or creating one completely from scratch. Both beginner artists and those more experienced […]

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Felix Eddy

Felix Eddy makes fantastic and surreal artwork inspired by mythology and folklore. She creates illustrations, paintings, and watercolor art, and converts them into original embroidery designs which she embroiders onto bags, pillows, and accessories to create unique home decor and fashion statements.

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FotoPlex are your premiere green-screen portrait specialists! We come well prepared with backdrops from the 1800s to 1900s as well as Steampunk fantasy backdrops. You work hard on your Steampunk couture and accessories. You deserve to showcase them properly. Let FotoPlex take your picture in another time… a BETTER time and immortalize the moment for […]

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Foxglove Reyen Designs

We create a fine selection of hand dyed and felted silk garments for the discerning Fae of all genders, be they Unseelie or Seelie. Capes, capelets, shawls, wings, tunics, tops, hats, skirts, veils. David and Dorita have been making fine Faerie Fashion since 1999. Featured artists in Faerie Magazine

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Frenchy and the Punk

A whole lotta high energy Folk Punk Cabaret exudes from this dynamic powerhouse duo. These two New York-based artists bring their Batfrog covered world and uniquely quirky and alternative songs to international stages year-round. From the UKs famed 3 Wishes Fairie Fest to Pennsylvania’s Spoutwood Faerie Festival – the US’s largest and longest running Faerie […]

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Frockks are hand painted “freaky rocks”. The shape and form of each individual rock exposes the mood, character and personality hidden within. As they are transformed through the creative process, emerging from each rock, is a distinct, dark, and unique creature…they are curiosities to be reckoned with.

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Geeks Bearing Gifts

Geeks Bearing Gifts is a shop specializing in inspirational, thought provoking and humorous jewelry for geeks and those who love them. Here you will find inspirational words of scientists, thinkers, and dreamers. You will find the sparkle of curiosity, the treasure of discovery, the gift of inspiration. Everything is designed and made by me in […]

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Gentle Reminders

Gentle Reminders For Our Dark Fae & Unseelie Guests * The event staff are necessary to the continuation of the event. Do not eat them. * The forces of Chaos and Anarchy are already with us. Summoning them a second time is purely redundant. * The koi in the hotel pond aren’t ours. Do not […]

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Glimmerdark Bar Rules

Drink responsibly. Dream irresponsibly. Buy the next round. Let the wookie win. Think of the pure pale ale of Fairyland and be grateful this place serves margaritas. Never try to out-drink a Klingon. Curb your dragon. Absinthe is not a condiment. A Lannister always pays his bar tab. Size matters not, so make it a […]

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Glimmerdark Code of Conduct

• Treat others with love and kindness, because there is plenty of room for more fish in the Koi Pond, and we have ample Fairy Dust. • Respect the preferred pronouns, identity, and species of those around you. • Do not touch, ensorcell, or transmogrify anyone without their consent. • In the interest of ensuring […]

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Glimmerdark Etiquette 101: Salutations

How to greet a Dark Elf: “What’re you drinking?” How to greet a Light Elf: “What’re you drinking?” How to greet a Time-Traveler “What’re you drinking?” How to greet a Mad Scientist “What’re you drinking?” How to greet a Cyborg “What’re you drinking?” How to greet an Eldritch Horror “What’re you drinking?” How to greet […]

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Glimmerdark Pool Rules

Swim thou not if intoxicated Recent-fed, or dehydrated Wicked Witch, make no ablutions Which might lead to dissolution Horesplay prohibited, of course Even if thou art half horse Dive thou not! Push not thy luck (Thy head to hurt? Just ask Puck!) And beforehand, swim thou must To rinse residual Faerie dust.

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Glimmerdark: An Invitation

The walls of Reality are thin Strange things are a-creepin’ in! The walls of Fantasy – surprise! Are made of duct tape & French fries Science fiction – it is known Is here already – cover’s blown! When Actuality’s impounded You’ll find a world wholly unbounded If that’s wrong, it can’t be righted So we’re […]

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The fae folk are so good at making do with what they find, whether that’ discards from humans or forest floor findings. Goth Fae has a booth full of these faerie wares! Unique clothing and costumes for kids & adults! Crowns & circlets. Plush Pets.

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Hands-on at Glimmerdark – advance sign up for crafts workshops

We’re offering a few classes which will require pre-registration and a materials charge (cash, collected at session). Sign up here as space is limited!! Intermural Floral Wreath Making Fae-Human relations have never had a better intermural gathering than Glimmerdark! In this session, mortals and faeries join together to create beautiful floral wreaths to wear to […]

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Hangover Brunch

A note from the Puck: You know what i do the morning after a few too many potions, cordials, draughts and tipples? Well, first i turn all the gold back into leaves, and laugh uproariously. That makes my head throb, and so i turn to the greatest restorative of all – eggs. chicken, robin, sturgeon, […]

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Hibernacula: The esoteric boutique! Gifts to delight the heart and ignite the imagination. A traveling museum of treasures, talismans, and timeless artifacts, celebrating the scientific, the sacred, and the sublime.

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Holly Brewer

Multi-Award winning vocalist, composer, and producer Holly Brewer (HUMANWINE), (The Folks Below) (Nervous Relatives Records) travels the world bathing heroes, philosophers, peers and courtiers with sound. Come for the voice, stay for the worlds she creates. Holly will be joining Glimmerdark as both a performer and a panelist. Panel – We’re Free Here: R.A.C.K. and Sex Positivity […]

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Horny Things

Purveyors and artisans of Horn, Bone, Antler and other natural materials Items include but are not limited to: Items made from horn such as: drinking horns, mugs, cups, utensils, bowls, hair sticks/decorations, checkers, whistles, lanterns, beads, tips, pendants, charms, shaving brushes, boxes, frames, trays, jewelry, shofars, Items made from antler such as: pendants, mystical art, […]

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calling of the dragon, magician summoning monster, sorcerer casts a spell

How to Treat Hotel Staff At An Event

“Well,” Eddie said, “What was behind Door Number One wasn’t so hot, and what was behind Door Number Two was even worse, so now, instead of quitting like sane people, we’re going to go right ahead and check out Door Number Three. The way things have been going, I think it’s likely to be something […]

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HRLMS Creations

I specialize in up-cycled antique Sterling Silver, fantasy and found objects. My Sterling Silver Artisan Cuffs have become one of my findings to work with. I am an old soul that takes inspirations from my life, music, and fantasy. I have something for everyone!

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Intermural Floral Wreath Making

Fae-Human relations have never had a better intermural gathering than Glimmerdark! In this session, mortals and faeries join together to create beautiful floral wreaths to wear to the festivities! Open to mortals and fairies alike! Ages 8+. There will be two sessions. attendee cap: 20/session $5 materials fee – collected in cash at the session. Preregistration is recommended, […]

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Intro Hoop

Discover the joy of hooping! This class will cover a variety of moves both on and off-body. Prior ability to waist-hoop is helpful, but never required. Get moving and find your circle! Class is limited to 10 participants. Having taught at numerous festivals and retreats along the East Coast, jessu works to spread the joy […]

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Intro to Contact Juggling

Come and learn the basics of contact juggling in this informal share session. If you picked up a ball and never got a chance to learn to use it, bring it and get started on your way. Don’t have a ball already? Zack will have some to loan out for the session. Are you already […]

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Intro to Leviwand

Learn to dance with a magical, floating fairy wand! This class is designed for participants with no prior flow arts background and will cover basic moves to get you flowing! Each class is limited to 10 participants due to classroom size and equipment availability. Having taught at numerous festivals and retreats along the East Coast, […]

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Jekyll Hyde Jewelry

Hand-crafted fantasy and steampunk jewelry, accessories, and decor featuring bones, antique skeleton keys, hand-crafted sculptures, and raw and polished gemstones. Many items are one-of-a-kind designs. Custom commissions are available for those looking for the perfect accessory to match their outfit or costume!

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Jess-O-Lantern performs live, singing spooky songs to soothe your ghoulish hearts! Free trick-or-treat candy at every performance! Jess-O-Lantern is a spooky songstress, originally from the scary swamps of Florida, now residing in New York City! Imagine a walk through a punk rock cemetery, filled with ghostly crooning, grinning ghouls, friendly fiends, and all the trick-or-treat […]

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Founded in 2011 and featured in both Weird NJ magazine and The Star-Ledger, Karnevil is New Jerseys premier carnival sideshow experience and is touted globally as “The world’s most dangerous sideshow!” Whether bringing you death defying escapes, astounding acts of skill, classic sideshow fare, ridiculous games, or informative presentations on macabre Victorian subject matter, the […]

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KK promotional photo for Glimmerdark

Katie Kat

Recently described as “Exquisite” by Gothamist, Katie Kat is the ethereal voice of Crooked Wing Circus, and the Off Broadway immersive shows Speakeasy Dollhouse: The Bloody Beginning, and The Illuminati Ball. Her performance at Glimmerdark is costumed by the ineffable Kristin Costa. It includes powerfully crafted, evocative classical art songs and showcases her recently released […]

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Learn to Spin Yarn for Glamour Bombing!

Learn to spin yarn from roving for your glamour bombing! Mortals and faeries welcome! Ages 10+ Attendee cap: 12 $5 materials fee – collected in cash at the session. Pre-registration is recommended, as we expect the session to be full. Saturday, Time TBD Direct link to the registration form here Deborah Castellano writes for many […]

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Lilith Lore

Poison Apples & Pretty Witches Gather ’round for Lilith’s wickedly salacious retelling of classic stories from the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen and Charles Perrault. Be prepared to see the darker side of heroes and heroines, and to have illuminated the twisted motives of your favorite villains. Once upon a time… but only rarely happily […]

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Mad Dash and Mayfire

We offer a dramatically eclectic blend of vintage and original pieces. Featuring antique housewares and lab equipment, original sculpture, vintage and/or handmade accessories, novelties, oddities, curios, jewelry, fandom goodies, statuary, books, and more.

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Mad Hattress Aerials

The Mad Hattress is back with a FAE-tastical twist. Do you love circus?? What about all things mystical and magical?? Well, you’re in luck as this aerial act has it all. Come watch Faerie Queen of the sky, Azkadelia, defy gravity and bewitch your senses as she dances in the sky 18ft high. You never know […]

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Maharal is a sound-chameleon band whose steep is a delicious ancient-future blend. Their soul moving sound whips through lively world music, tribal fusion funk, and original scores offering a Zeppelinesk presence appropriate for audiences of all ages and settings. The band is a duet combo of Brett on the world’s only double neck saz, bluesy […]

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Maskwork Storytelling

The first stories were not told, they were lived. Come enjoy an immersive storytelling experience where audience members have the chance to join the story as it unfolds through the use of masks artfully designed for this purpose. Come ready for fun as you show off your improvisational skills and become part of the show. […]

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Mead Tastings

Hosted by Verlyn Hays. The 3 meads sampled will be from b. nektar meadery. Verlyn has been making wine, beer and mead for about 1 6 years. His interest in mead can be, like many, traced back to Renaissance Faires and an interest in historical brewing techniques. After an “interesting” (super strong) first attempt at […]

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Menus are now available

Although one must always be careful about eating and drinking Underhill, we think we can guarantee you won’t be trapped in Faerie after enjoying the dining at our host hotel! Take a look at the offerings here.

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Mermaid Pearlie Mae, Oracle/Seer

Her Royal Highness Pearlie Mae, Most Sirene Empress of All the Seas. Mermaid Extraordinaire, Oracle of the Oceans, Seer of the Seas, she sees all and can tell you your fortune…or drag you down to the endless dark depths to your doom! Ask your questions of this denizen of the deep and she will reveal […]

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Miatawolf Impressions

We are a second-hand unique glass etching artists. Most forms of glass are a piece of art waiting to be discovered and pulled forth. If you have a piece of glass that you want art upon, contact us and we can work together to bring forth your vision.

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Midnight Orchid Design

We sell an eclectic mix of steampunk, bellydance and everyday wear. Many of our items are up-cycled from fabrics from all over the world. Our hitcher skirt sets are our most popular item due to adjustability. The upcycled items include army uniforms, WWII scarves, antique obi and kimono to saris from India. Just to name a […]

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Moss Fete

Providing wings, flower crowns, hats, mittens, ruffles and pet dragons for the discerning faerie. Limited edition, one of a kind and custom hand felted wool goods with over 150 colors of wool available.

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SJ Tucker promotional image

Musical Guest of Honor: SJ Tucker

A fairytale-flavored fusion of Folk & Jazz, steadily fueled by self-generated pixie dust. A dynamic live performer known for her willingness to follow an evocative ballad with a tune about ninjas or pirates, SJ Tucker is never in danger of taking herself too seriously. She lets it be plain on stage that she loves her […]

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Myths and Modern Media

This will be a discussion group about modern interpretations of mythology, including fables, fairy tales, and the like. Feel free to bring in your favorite films, books, comics, statues, poems, music, or other types of art pieces in order to fuel discussion. This will not be a fandom meet-up, so plan for real discussions, rather […]

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Nicole Oliva: Music

Music for a Day in May Ok, we know its not May, but we would like to imagine it is. Warm air, sunshine, and flowers. Music for a Day in May will be an operatic concert of all fun, flowy, and spring themed music. Come! Welcome to all my Fairies, Sires, Nymphs, Creatures, Flower Children, […]

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Open Sorcery 460 x 215

Open Sorcery: Fairywall LARP

Glimmerdark is under attack by magical malware! We are Open Sorcerers, programmers who use code and magic to change the world, and our defense starts right now. Search the hotel for pop-up ads, collect them, and translate the alchemical symbols. Then bring them to the LARP and use alchemical anti-virus software to end this threat […]

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Orcish Wisdom from Glimmerdark

* Hobbit goes best with a playful White Zinfandel * Training pet Wargs requires love, care, and an extensive first-aid kit * Sunlight burns, but the fluorescent lighting in shopping malls is really tacky. * Not every Orc beats drums in the Deep. Some also play bass. * If you can’t eat it, it’s probably […]

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Origami Owl

Origami Owl uniquely customizable jewelry: change your look from dark to light whenever you please, and tell your personal story by your choice of charms, dangles, and custom engraving. Suitable for gentlebeings and monsters alike.

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Image credit: Babs Who Takes Pictures

Photographing the Imaginary

Want to shoot werewolves, elementals, magic, battles and enchanted forests or Fae kingdoms? Learn how by bringing your work into the digital realm, and make a piece of art that is otherworldly. Attendees will learn how to plan for the best and the worst for a shoot (if a spell goes incredibly right or wrong), […]

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Professor Mark Donnelly Joins us at Glimmerdark

Panels and Drum Circles and fantastic merchandise, oh my! Join Professor Donnelly for our opening Wild Rumpus Dragon Dance and Drum Circle, for Panels on the Cottingley Faeries and the history of magic, and as always find fantastic walking sticks, parasols, and umbrellas at Canes Enable!  

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Professor McClendon presents Labyrinth

Everyone knows the movie Labyrinth. The Goblin King, Jareth, has kidnapped young Sarah’s baby brother. Now Sarah must rescue her brother and defeat Jareth before it’s too late. Well, come and listen to a few excerpts from the novelization of this beloved movie. Professor JP McClendon has traveled far and wide to entertain and educate. […]

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Programming applications are now open

Apply for Glimmerdark 2017 Programming This application is for presenters and performers of all walks, seelie and unseelie alike! Please fill this out as thoroughly as possible to best help us understand your needs, your skills, and what you can bring the the Faerie Revel! Acceptances and rejections will be made on a rolling basis, […]

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Psyche Corporation

Afternoon Fairytale Songs with Psyche Corp. Tarry a while under the spell of Psyche’s angelic voice, framed in minimalist folk music from the Otherworld. Evening Supernatural Electro-Rock with Psyche Corp. Get your folktales and legends of the supernatural with a heavier alternative world music sound, rocking out like the charge of a thousand electric unicorns. […]

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Puck’s True Parting Words

If we shadows have offended, Note my knee is yet unbended Think you have but slumber’d here? Let that illusion disappear That’s some weak and idle theme, Crushed by the force of unpent dream Gentles, do not reprehend: That’s breath you’d better elsewhere spend And, as I am an honest Puck, If you’re unscathed, know […]

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Pyaara has got everything you need to complete your fantasy costume, including handcrafted hair flower clips, leaf and flower crowns, themed headdresses, feather fascinators, pirate hat pins, fairy falls (multi-colored yarn hair), and gorgeous organza tutus for adults and kids.

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Recommendations On How To Party At Glimmerdark

• Like it’s 1999 and you’re well aware there won’t be a 2000 • Like it’s the Fall of Atlantis • Like it’s the Apocalypse • Like it’s the Post-Apocalypse • Like it’s Ragnarok and you’re on the side with the good mead • Like Fairyland is burning • Like “Real Life” isn’t really living […]

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Sales Skills for Fae

You have a dream to sell, and a mortal whom you wish to buy it for the mere cost of his name or her dearest memory, yet many mortals remain stubborn against your charms. Why do they resist? Why do they not understand what you offer? In this workshop, Michael Whitehouse, dynamic sales trainer and […]

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Frenchy and the Punk at The Black Cat, DC - Devon Rowland Photography

Scot Helland

Scott Helland creates melodic, euphoric guitar instrumentals rooted in the realms of folk, punk, alternative and world. His eclectic musical past, keen melodic sense, live looping technique and tasteful use of guitar effects creates a compelling soundscape. Armed with his trademark Godin Multiac guitar, Helland has created a musical world of his own influenced by […]

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Brush With Fairyland

Have you seen the Cottingley Faeries? They’re this famous set of early pictures of young sisters from Cottingsley, England, who took early photographs of what, to a modern eye, are patently imitation faeries. We make much of the fact that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was taken in by these things, and you can find a […]

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Siren Song of the Fair Folk

The smell of the wind is sweet and crisp, and it sparkles in the evening light…with it comes the song of tiny silver bells forged from moonlight and the whispers of impossibilities that make up the sunrise.  It calls to all of us…and who are we to not answer? Learn… There was a time when you […]

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Solstice Born Pottery

Solstice born pottery is a one of a kind pottery experience. No mold, no casts, no reproductions. All hand made stoneware that is oven proof, microwave safe, lead-free, cadmium free and totally original from start to finish. Wolf produces wares found nowhere else with a flourish and love in every piece. Unusual doesn’t even begin […]

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Solstice Brews

Solstice Brews: Solstice Brews aspires to introduce you to innovative blends that you can’t pull off a grocery store shelf. From Scurvy Shanty tea, designed for all those wayfaring voyages at sea to Absinthe Aethers, the perfect cup for a Steampunk gathering, Solstice Brews has got an adventure in store for you. Katherine McIntyre (author […]

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The Crafts Forge

“I’ll seek a four-leaved shamrock in all thy fairy dells, And if I find the charmed leaves, oh, how I’ll weave my spells!” ~Samuel Lover We invite the crafty and the makers to come forth and make things with us. While children are welcome, this is NOT just for kids, and some of our later-evening […]

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The Endless Tea

“In Britain, a cup of tea is the answer to every problem. Fallen off your bicycle? Nice cup of tea. Your house has been destroyed by a meteorite? Nice cup of tea and a biscuit. Your entire family has been eaten by a Tyrannosaurus Rex that has travelled through a space/time portal? Nice cup of […]

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The Evil Overlord’s Guide To Glimmerdark

1. No, you can’t all have the One Ring. There’s only one of it. 2. Always quaff the blood of your vanquished enemies responsibly. 3. The Dark Side of the Force thrives on fear, anger, and occasionally, prancing. 4. Don’t enact forbidden magicks if you haven’t brought enough to share with the whole class. 5. […]

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The Faerie Ballpit

“The realm of fairy-story is wide and deep and high and filled with many things: all manner of beasts and birds are found there; shoreless seas and stars uncounted; beauty that is an enchantment, and an ever-present peril; both joy and sorrow as sharp as swords. Also, ballpits.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, Tolkien on Fairy-stories We’ll […]

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The Glamour Revolution

Learn how to unleash your inner glamour! Glamour isn’t about looking or acting a certain way, it’s what’s already inside you. We will be discussing historical examples as well as modern examples. We will be doing ritual work, so familiarity with meditation and ritual is suggested. Open to all gender identities! Ages 16+ to attend. […]

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dolly glitter

The Glimmerdark pool just got more magical!

Just a reminder, that you may want to bring a bathing suit to Glimmerdark! Introducing…….Dolly Glitter! A beautiful, fierce, and wild creature, the Unicorn has eluded humans since the beginning of time.  Said to be untamable by man, this breath-taking creature soars through the clouds with elegance and style. Can you tame this mythical beast? […]

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The Green Fairy Literary Society

The Green Fairy Literary Society is a chance for you to read your work, listen to others, learn about the world of independent publishing, and find out what opportunities are out there for you. Bring your magnum opus, your fairy wings, and the darkest corners of your imagination. Moderated by David McLain. McLain is the […]

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The Long Losts

If Tim Burton hired Siouxsie Sioux and Johnny Ramone to write the soundtrack for a romantic movie that takes place at a haunted carnival on Halloween night you would have the unique goth-punk-rock sound of The Long Losts. The Long Losts are a musical act duo made up of vocalist Anka and her husband Patrick […]

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The Munchausen Society

Celebrity Charity Munchausen, the Magical Edition We are the Munchausen Society. We are an infamous group of world-travelling adventurers. Every once in a while, we get together and share some of our incredible tales with one another, and with an approving audience. But this time is extra special. We will be telling the tales of […]

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The Overly Dramatic Readers

Overly Dramatic A Midsummer Night’s Dream William Shakespeare’s most Glimmerdark-appropriate tale! Now this wonderful story is getting its Overly Dramatic upgrade! Hear us recreate scenes and recite monologues from this amazing play in the only way the Overly Dramatic Readers know how. Remember, no one shows up wanting to see under the top. They want […]

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The Serenity Lounge

“I love hard work. I enjoy sitting in a dimly-lit room, upon an appropriate divan, and considering the many merits of lively activity from a safe, faraway vantage point.” ~Lord Byron While our meditative space is for quiet, often silent contemplation, our serenity lounge is for relaxation and calm. Have an escape from the hustle […]

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The White Elephant Burlesque Society

The White Elephant Burlesque Society, est. 2006, is a queer-operated, body-positive, hot-for-all-genders-inclusive troupe and production company, under the leadership of Viktor Devonne. Created to bring theatrical storytelling, character study, and Weimar cabaret-influenced pathos to this brand of burlesque, WE is noted for longform theatrical presentations, delightful club shows with rotating casts, and unconventional convention entertainment. […]

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Time Traveller Outfitters

Historically inspired costume designs; Time Traveler Outfitters mission is to provide our clients with the most historically accurate, conceptually creative, well-made costumes and accouterments available in this century. We believe that it is our job to do the research necessary to keep you in the height of fashion or appropriate to your station no matter […]

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Trinity’s Magickal Intentions LLC

Providing all your homemade, magickal aromatherapy products for years! Candles, incense,dream pillows, etc… lovingly handcrafted with natural, eco-friendly ingredients to make sure you get the most out of it! Also specializing in hand-crafted, geek chic, steampunk and gemstone jewelry and accessories! One-of-a-kind creations to stand out in the crowd! Crystals, pendulums, feathers fans… and then […]

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Uke On!

Uke On! Performance Tunes familiar and unexpected. Uke On! Ukelele Workshop Learn how to play a few chords on the uke and play a song or two! There will be a few extra ukes available, but we encourage you to bring your own! Uke On is a rockin’ ukulele duo from Highland Park, NJ. We […]

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Unseelie Meetup

Far be it for us to tell the Unseelie what to do. But the Unseelie and their compatriots are cordially invited to join us at the Atrium Pub for convocation, collaboration, and, possibly, concatenation. Those who’d like to can also take photos with our Dark Fae colleagues. Hosted by Sabryna – a rowling, howling, yowling ball of […]

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Wicked Raven Studio

Wicked Raven Studio is a purveyor of handcrafted original art for the macabre inclined and the dark of heart. One of kind ceramic and jewelry metal pieces are designed and created by artist Megan McLeod Young, featuring primary themes of articulated preternatural bone structures, biomorphic organisms, and Steampunk mechanics.

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Wyrd Armouries

If you can dream it, chances are one of us can make it! Cynthia is a costumer and leather worker, and Nathaniel is a blacksmith, creator of prop weapons and other oddities. With enough random skills for a medieval village, together we create unique work to adorn and amuse.

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