Siren Song of the Fair Folk

The smell of the wind is sweet and crisp, and it sparkles in the evening light…with it comes the song of tiny silver bells forged from moonlight and the whispers of impossibilities that make up the sunrise.  It calls to all of us…and who are we to not answer?


There was a time when you were small and wide-eyed, and you believed wholeheartedly in the magic of pinky promises and stepping on cracks in the sidewalk.  When you could draw doorways to other worlds in pink chalk on the sidewalk and bits of folded paper could tell your future if you just said the right rhyme.


There was a time when a kiss was forever and heartbreak was forever, and another time when forever was too long to bear.  Once you were tall and thin, once you were short and full, and once you were everything all at once and nothing you ever wished to be.


Those things were all true.  Those things never began.  Those things never ended.

Join us, dance with us, sing with us.  Be born and live and die with us, and then do it all over again just because you can.  Let us show you how to hold the sun in your hands and drink down its purpose and warmth like the rarest mead.  Let us teach you how to spin the nighttime into an absinthe so potent and deep that it kills you before it ever touches your lips.  Let us prove to you that there are, in fact, angels on the head of a pin and a devil in the details.

Join us.

You belong with us.

And we belong with you.