Scot Helland

Scott Helland creates melodic, euphoric guitar instrumentals rooted in the realms of folk, punk, alternative and world. His eclectic musical past, keen melodic sense, live looping technique and tasteful use of guitar effects creates a compelling soundscape.

Armed with his trademark Godin Multiac guitar, Helland has created a musical world of his own influenced by punk rock, spanish and gypsy guitar styles. Infectious melodies weave around his looped rhythms and straight forward beats. The songs are short, fun, and to the point with tuneful acoustic guitar lines as the sonic focus.

“Helland is yet another accomplished ex-punk who has made the striking transition to atmospheric soundtracks.” Jack Rabid, BigTakeOver Magazine.

Currently he is the guitarist and co-founder of the internationally touring New York based duo, Frenchy and the Punk, a popular attraction in the indie cabaret, steampunk and faerie festival scenes with singer Samantha Stephenson. In the eighties he was also a member of the infamous Western MA hardcore punk bands Deep Wound, (which included Dinosaur Jr’s J Mascis and Lou Barlow,) and Outpatients. He has been writing, recording and performing music since his early teens. He has over 25 recordings out including 7 solo CDs. Helland also released his art book Feast, a collection of over 50 pen and ink drawings in 2015. His upcoming CD, Never End the Rocket Century’ will be released in April 2017.

“Scott Helland is a commanding acoustic guitarist, creating stimulating, passionate instrumentals that may cause little flowers to bloom in your heart” Chronogram Magazine