Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the Court of Queen Mab

rossettiCo-founder of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, artist Dante Gabriel Rossetti is today remembered for the sensuality and haunting realism of his works. While the influences of Dante Alighieri, Sir Thomas Malory, and religion have long been acknowledged and studied in his works, a fuller understanding of Rossetti’s oeuvre is only truly possible by examining the artist’s brief but highly impactful stay in the fairy court of Queen Mab. This lecture will delve into this newly-uncovered history and discuss the hidden clues found in Rossetti’s works.

Professor Adeline Wakefield is a scholar and historian, focusing her studies on the often shrouded interaction of the worlds of the humans and the fae. There are gaps in The Wall, and the history you know may have gaps as well. Prof. Wakefield’s recent scholarly research has delved into the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and Charles Dodgson (often known as Lewis Carroll) and their previously-unknown links to the fairy world.