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Review AgaMatrix Lancets, 33 Gauge, 100 Count Box

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I prefer them to the kind with the round piece that you screw off because you easily put the cap back on and the base is shorter and fits better in the lancing device.
Ive noticed that sometimes the needle is a little crooked, but it hasnt made a difference. I bought two boxes of these and am about to order more.
These are the BEST lancets Ive used and Ive used MANY different brands. So why are these better than most others? Well, the biggest key is that the cover does NOT touch the actual needle!!
This is very important for two reasons. First, obviously you do not want to contaminate the needle. The chances are very low that it will be, but it is something else that is touching the needle.
But second and what I believe is most important is that because the needle is not touching, it will not bend the needle when you pull the cover off (unless you actually touch it!)
The needle is very thin at 33 gauge so it will be very easy to bend it. What will a bent needle cause? PAIN!
So with all of the other brands who cover is in contact with the needle, the chances for you bending it upon removal of the cover are much higher!
That is enough for me to spend extra money on a product, but this product is actually LESS than most other ones - including all of the ones whos cover touches the needle.
I know BD s lancets are like this, but they are WAAAY too expensive! There is only one very small gripe I have about it, but it is part of the price you pay to make sure the needle would be sterile.
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https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00186SI4U?tag=rasheed09-20 - AgaMatrix Lancets, 33 Gauge, 100 Count Box

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