Psyche Corporation

Afternoon Fairytale Songs with Psyche Corp.
Tarry a while under the spell of Psyche’s angelic voice, framed in minimalist folk music from the Otherworld.

Evening Supernatural Electro-Rock with Psyche Corp.
Get your folktales and legends of the supernatural with a heavier alternative world music sound, rocking out like the charge of a thousand electric unicorns.

Changelings for Cookies
Sell your ‘children’ to the elves for delicious cookies.

Psyche Corporation fuses electro-rock, world music, and haunting vocals into deeply delightful gothic fairytales. Aside from performing concerts, Psyche Corp. is a licensed broker for common human-fae commercial exchanges, specializing in trading first-borns, virgin sacrifice, were-animal futures contracts, and dead lover/relative/friend/enemy revivals. In addition, Psyche Corp. is experienced in the laws with respect to the rights of Magical Entities.