The Overly Dramatic Readers

Overly Dramatic A Midsummer Night’s Dream
William Shakespeare’s most Glimmerdark-appropriate tale! Now this wonderful story is getting its Overly Dramatic upgrade! Hear us recreate scenes and recite monologues from this amazing play in the only way the Overly Dramatic Readers know how. Remember, no one shows up wanting to see under the top. They want it Overly Dramatic!

The Overly Dramatic Challenge
As usual, the members of the Overly Dramatic Readers are having a bit of a debate. They can’t decide who amongst them is the most OVERLY DRAMATIC. They are going to bring a variety of materials to read for the audience, then a few lucky audience members will have a say in what they read. After each round, the audience will choose who was best at being OVERLY DRAMATIC! Who will win this year? We honestly don’t know!

The Overly Dramatic Readers are an eclectic bunch of rogues, scoundrels, and goofballs who take nothing seriously, except their own shenanigans. They bring literature of all sorts to the performance stage and read it, sometimes aloud, well, okay, always aloud…and they do it in a spectacularly OVERLY DRAMATIC fashion. It doesn’t matter what that literature is. If it’s a drama, they make it a comedy. If it’s already a comedy, they make it funnier. If it’s tragic…well, it’ll still be tragic, but now it’ll be hilariously tragic! The Overly Dramatic Readers, when they take the stage, watch out!