Nicole Oliva: Music

nicloe_olivaMusic for a Day in May
Ok, we know its not May, but we would like to imagine it is. Warm air, sunshine, and flowers. Music for a Day in May will be an operatic concert of all fun, flowy, and spring themed music. Come! Welcome to all my Fairies, Sires, Nymphs, Creatures, Flower Children, Belly Dancers, Pixies, and Magical friends!

Songs of the Sea, Wind, and Sky
An operatic concert by Nicole Oliva of songs for Merfolk, Sea Creatures, Sirens, and Pirates! This will not be a concert of sea shanties but rather a series of beautiful tunes this Mermaid will sing to tantalize your ears and hypnotize your soul.

Dark Side Of Opera
Come and take a listen to the Dark Side of Opera with Nicole Oliva! A multi-talented Soprano! This particular show will be geared more towards you creatures of the night that make Glimmerdark so unique.
Nicole, as a classically trained opera singer always had a love for things gothic and macabre and always felt opera gave that strange and creepy appeal in many cases. This concert goes through the progression of traditional and modern classical music, to broadway showtunes, and symphonic rock and metal. Always performing throughout the convention scene, Nicole brings her elegant level of gothicness to the stage in this wonderful concert!

Over the years Nicole Oliva has been a part of many different live stage plays, musicals, operas, and concerts but also became involved in fashion and costuming. Most recently Nicole has been touring concerts around the east coast such as “The Dark Side of Opera”, “History of 19th Century Opera”, “Disney Cabaret”, and “Geeks Realm”.