Myths and Modern Media

This will be a discussion group about modern interpretations of mythology, including fables, fairy tales, and the like. Feel free to bring in your favorite films, books, comics, statues, poems, music, or other types of art pieces in order to fuel discussion. This will not be a fandom meet-up, so plan for real discussions, rather than gushing over which Elf is the hottest. The discussion will likely include Robin McKinley, Amy Brown, I Hate Fairyland, Lord of the Rings, Christina Rossetti, Heather Dale, Terry Pratchett, Princeless, Willow, and Eoin Colfer.

Presented by Alison Dowling. A gatherer of information, factual and fictional, A loves knowledge and imagination and the sharing thereof. The world isn’t always fun or interesting, so it becomes our task to make it so. Stories are everywhere, teaching us all different things about the world and its possibilities.