Lexicons of Dueling: The Second Grand Convocation

This will be the second running of our Sidhe Court LARP.
A card based non-physical combat resolution LARP. This is a social LARP. You will receive all the items you need to show you are part of the game and how to play when you sign up. It is a mostly Roleplaying based concept driven by the players and the ability to collect items and power from the convention and other players. Will you play a rough and tumble troll, a sly sylph or a wicked willow wisp? We will have many different kinds of characters (and cultures) to choose from. They will be pre-prepared for ease of play, but you will have the ability to give them your own flair. The rules are simple and clean, after a little instruction, you should have no problem on your own, but we will have quite a few lead players to help you along if you need.

We will have items that can be collected from some of the lead players, or from vendors that take part. Items of power, gifts of grace. A game of questing within the politics of the Fae. There will be several other games of puzzles and quests to be had, supported by the Nobles of the Courts!

A very small fee of $10 you will get a single copy of the game, a book of history and rules, and a commemorative button to prove your identity in the game. You keep all this and the items you have earned during play. You will also be able to keep your character for future games as we are able to create them (we are looking to run at 1 or 2 conventions a year). Your character will grow each time we see you at a game!

Costumes and regalia are not required but are highly recommended. The more you have the more you are, the Autumn Queen used to say, before she faded…

Join us for the Second Grand Convocation of the Sidhe Court! The character check-in for this multi-day LARP starts Friday at 6pm at our Opening Ceremonies and will continue until all 50 spots in the game are taken. We will end the game with a celebration Saturday night at 9pm as we see who has won the sway of Nature this coming year. There will be a few extra prizes for those the players have found to be fabulous! Prizes include copies of the game, decks & play mats for the Lexicons of Dueling core game, and even a few latex court daggers for the Champions!

Lexicons of Dueling The Sidhe Court The Living Fae. All the societies of humans kind have tales of Sidhe, from all the cultures of the world. Where would they gather? How would they hold convocations? How might they just see each other without hiding in the forests or deeplands of Mother Earth? The Humans that believe, would cage them or worship them in most unseemly ways. Those that do not believe would hunt them or go mad from the truth. So how can they come together without disrupting the very fabric of reality? The Humans call them, Conventions.