Intro to Contact Juggling

Come and learn the basics of contact juggling in this informal share session.
If you picked up a ball and never got a chance to learn to use it, bring it and get started on your way.
Don’t have a ball already? Zack will have some to loan out for the session.
Are you already rather skilled? Come by and let’s trade some tricks.
I can’t promise that you will leave the session as skilled as Jareth, but I will try to make it fun to learn

Dr. Zack, aka Steampunk Robinhood, aka The Pointy Eared Artisan, is a leatherworker, storyteller, world wondering do-gooder, and a general Zack-of-all-trades.

In addition to his work with the Charity Munchausen shows, Dr. Zack performs a unique form of interactive storytelling show he refers to as “Maskwork Storytelling” where through the use of hand-made leather masks, audience members become the characters of the story. Dr. Zack also often wanders shows and faires contact juggling just to add that little extra magic to an event.