On getting food delivered to Glimmerdark

You can get all kinds of food delivered. Don't order the Cthulhu

If you choose to have food delivered to our show, please keep in mind the following suggestions and tipping etiquette:

• Do tip. Even supervillains tip. Plenty of them worked their way through Evil University via the thankless task of acquiring protein for cyclopean monsters whose idea of a tip was only eating one of your kidneys.

• Do not tip using fairy gold which vanishes at daybreak. Make sure it vanishes in about three days, after they’ve had a chance to perform the standard College Student Alchemy of turning small amounts of money into Ramen.

• Do not tip by offering up your favorite memory of a perfect summer day when you were young and the summer stretched before you in
an endless panaply of wonder. The exchange rate for memories in New Jersey is TERRIBLE.

• Do not tip in priceless golden pirate doubloons if the pirate from whom you stole them still wants them back.

• Do tip generously. The sights and sounds your delivery person has experienced can never be unheard or unseen, but a sufficient tip can, at least, put in a down payment on some liquid therapy.