Frenchy and the Punk


A whole lotta high energy Folk Punk Cabaret exudes from this dynamic powerhouse duo. These two New York-based artists bring their Batfrog covered world and uniquely quirky and alternative songs to international stages year-round.

From the UKs famed 3 Wishes Fairie Fest to Pennsylvania’s Spoutwood Faerie Festival – the US’s largest and longest running Faerie festival – to Maryland Faerie Fest, New York Faerie Fest and FaerieCon on the East Coast and FaerieWorlds on the West Coast, Frenchy and the Punk has been a fixture in the faerie festival scene since 2007.

A pixie spirited flexitarian band of tree hugging, gothic, folky, retro-futuristics by way of Paris and New York. Doused in red wine, kale and granola, raised on punk rock and ballet, eclectic and uplifting…fun with a capital F!