Daniel Greenwolf: Celtic Magician

The Faeries weren’t always called Faeries. In fact, they didn’t always have wings… and they sure as hell weren’t always nice. They were called the Aos Sí and they originated in the Celtic Isles. Let Daniel GreenWolf be your mischievous guide through a world of Magic and Myth. Every show he will be performing at Glimmerdark this year will be different and it shall be full of Unbelievable Magic, Audience Interaction, Insane Irish Wit, A small bit of risk to life & limb, a wee bit o’ history, more than a few tall tales, and so much more. Don’t miss him!

Daniel GreenWolf is a Professional Stage Magician who tours the country with his unique style. Once called “A Witty Modern-Day Celtic Viking. Like James Joyce with a Broadsword”, GreenWolf’s frenetic and engaging performances have been seen on the History Channel, A & E, College Humor and with companies like Six Flags, Bank of America, & The Big E. He has been voted as one of the Top Five Solo Variety Acts in the United States by the Renaissance Festival Podcast & Renaissance Magazine for Five Years In A Row