Coyote: Stealing Fire & A Trap of Tricksters

coyoteStealing Fire
Why are tricksters necessary? Variations on the trickster have been found all around the world and throughout time, from the antics of Coyote to the crazy wisdom of the Buddha to the blockbuster sensation of Loki. How can agents of amorality (or immorality) teach us to be contributing members to society? Can assuming a trickster point of view truly explain why bad things happen to good people? (Hint: Define “bad” and “good” and see how far you get.)

A Trap of Tricksters
A murder of crows, a pride of lions, a trap of tricksters – for what else could we be? Still, you’ll come, even with this big red button of a panel description telling you not to press it. Coyote will be there most certainly, and the Puck has indicated his willingness to attend as well. There may be others, but predicting anything else at this stage would be pressing our luck. Probably there will be Q&A. What do you want to ask a Trickster?

Coyote is the messenger of the Creator and made humans out of clay.  He is an agent of Balance, loving the Sun and the Moon with equal ardor.  He claims primary responsibility for a local New Jersey shaman, Hillary, through whom he will be expressing himself throughout Glimmerdark.