Missives from Glimmerdark

Champagne bottle with glasses. Celebration theme with champagne still life

A Glimmerdark Welcoming Toast

We welcome each and every one of you to our events.  Let us salute you with a toast! To merriment! to magic released! To science strange! To company sweet! To alcohol, caffeine, and fairy dust! To the unexpected, the unexplored, and the impossible! To good beginnings, safe endings, and a middle we shall never speak […]

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A Simple Waiver…

You’ll need to sign this simple waiver to attend our show: WARNING: ENTER GLIMMERDARK AT YOUR OWN RISK. Management will not be held responsible for confusion and bedazzlement, disturbances in the Force, love potions, Ragnarok, the end of the world, spontaneous pointy-ear syndrome, Puck, vanishing Faerie gold, increasing Faerie alcohol tolerance, unmanaged mischief, TARDIS malfunctions, […]

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“This coffee falls into your stomach, and straightway there is a general commotion. Ideas begin to move like the battalions of the Grand Army of the battlefield, and the battle takes place. Things remembered arrive at full gallop, ensuing to the wind. The light cavalry of comparisons deliver a magnificent deploying charge, the artillery of […]

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glimmerdark moon

Come home to Fairyland

“Faërie contains many things besides elves and fays, and besides dwarfs, witches, trolls, giants, or dragons; it holds the seas, the sun, the moon, the sky; and the earth, and all things that are in it: tree and bird, water and stone, wine and bread, and ourselves, mortal men, when we are enchanted.” ― J.R.R. […]

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Gentle Reminders

Gentle Reminders For Our Dark Fae & Unseelie Guests * The event staff are necessary to the continuation of the event. Do not eat them. * The forces of Chaos and Anarchy are already with us. Summoning them a second time is purely redundant. * The koi in the hotel pond aren’t ours. Do not […]

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Glimmerdark Bar Rules

Drink responsibly. Dream irresponsibly. Buy the next round. Let the wookie win. Think of the pure pale ale of Fairyland and be grateful this place serves margaritas. Never try to out-drink a Klingon. Curb your dragon. Absinthe is not a condiment. A Lannister always pays his bar tab. Size matters not, so make it a […]

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Glimmerdark Code of Conduct

• Treat others with love and kindness, because there is plenty of room for more fish in the Koi Pond, and we have ample Fairy Dust. • Respect the preferred pronouns, identity, and species of those around you. • Do not touch, ensorcell, or transmogrify anyone without their consent. • In the interest of ensuring […]

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Glimmerdark Etiquette 101: Salutations

How to greet a Dark Elf: “What’re you drinking?” How to greet a Light Elf: “What’re you drinking?” How to greet a Time-Traveler “What’re you drinking?” How to greet a Mad Scientist “What’re you drinking?” How to greet a Cyborg “What’re you drinking?” How to greet an Eldritch Horror “What’re you drinking?” How to greet […]

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Glimmerdark Pool Rules

Swim thou not if intoxicated Recent-fed, or dehydrated Wicked Witch, make no ablutions Which might lead to dissolution Horesplay prohibited, of course Even if thou art half horse Dive thou not! Push not thy luck (Thy head to hurt? Just ask Puck!) And beforehand, swim thou must To rinse residual Faerie dust.

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Glimmerdark: An Invitation

The walls of Reality are thin Strange things are a-creepin’ in! The walls of Fantasy – surprise! Are made of duct tape & French fries Science fiction – it is known Is here already – cover’s blown! When Actuality’s impounded You’ll find a world wholly unbounded If that’s wrong, it can’t be righted So we’re […]

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calling of the dragon, magician summoning monster, sorcerer casts a spell

How to Treat Hotel Staff At An Event

“Well,” Eddie said, “What was behind Door Number One wasn’t so hot, and what was behind Door Number Two was even worse, so now, instead of quitting like sane people, we’re going to go right ahead and check out Door Number Three. The way things have been going, I think it’s likely to be something […]

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Orcish Wisdom from Glimmerdark

* Hobbit goes best with a playful White Zinfandel * Training pet Wargs requires love, care, and an extensive first-aid kit * Sunlight burns, but the fluorescent lighting in shopping malls is really tacky. * Not every Orc beats drums in the Deep. Some also play bass. * If you can’t eat it, it’s probably […]

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Puck’s True Parting Words

If we shadows have offended, Note my knee is yet unbended Think you have but slumber’d here? Let that illusion disappear That’s some weak and idle theme, Crushed by the force of unpent dream Gentles, do not reprehend: That’s breath you’d better elsewhere spend And, as I am an honest Puck, If you’re unscathed, know […]

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Recommendations On How To Party At Glimmerdark

• Like it’s 1999 and you’re well aware there won’t be a 2000 • Like it’s the Fall of Atlantis • Like it’s the Apocalypse • Like it’s the Post-Apocalypse • Like it’s Ragnarok and you’re on the side with the good mead • Like Fairyland is burning • Like “Real Life” isn’t really living […]

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Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Brush With Fairyland

Have you seen the Cottingley Faeries? They’re this famous set of early pictures of young sisters from Cottingsley, England, who took early photographs of what, to a modern eye, are patently imitation faeries. We make much of the fact that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was taken in by these things, and you can find a […]

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Siren Song of the Fair Folk

The smell of the wind is sweet and crisp, and it sparkles in the evening light…with it comes the song of tiny silver bells forged from moonlight and the whispers of impossibilities that make up the sunrise.  It calls to all of us…and who are we to not answer? Learn… There was a time when you […]

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The Evil Overlord’s Guide To Glimmerdark

1. No, you can’t all have the One Ring. There’s only one of it. 2. Always quaff the blood of your vanquished enemies responsibly. 3. The Dark Side of the Force thrives on fear, anger, and occasionally, prancing. 4. Don’t enact forbidden magicks if you haven’t brought enough to share with the whole class. 5. […]

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