How to Make Your Characters Believably Sick and Twisted

acmeWe have a very educated readership nowadays. Everyone watches CSI and Criminal Minds considers themselves an expert on psychopathology.
This can be a problem if the only crazy people you know well enough to develop a back story for are your relatives.
But wait! You do know sick and twisted entities who can give you clear guidance on hero and villain back story – the ACME cartoon characters.
Let the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illness and the ACME crew help you make believably evil characters.

DL-Carter gdD.L. (Dee Leana) Carter was decanted from her incubation pod in the outback of Australia many decades ago. This terrifying event was closely followed by shrieks of “there, there it goes. Hit it with a brick!”

These valiant attempts to correct the existence of D.L. were, unfortunately, unsuccessful and she now resides in New Jersey, US., in a box with her toys, two human beings and a variable number of cats.