Artist Guest of Honor: Leslie Casilli

Powerful faerie magic captured in form and color by a keen eye and imagination.

A visual artist whose main passion dwells within the realm of the fantastic, Leslie Casilli grew up in the small hamlet of Bolsover, Ontario. There, she was inspired by the tranquil and magical beauty of her secluded home. Completing a one year Art Fundamentals course, and five years of BAA Illustration at Sheridan College, she set forth to spread the magic that she so closely cherishes through her art. She paints both digitally and in oil to bring her mystical creations to life.

Leslie has been living in Greenwood Lake, NY and painting professionally for the past 5 years. She has created numerous images for professional clients and has appeared in publications such as Exotique 4 and 6, but her main goal is ultimately to be able to work on her own self directed fantasy projects full time. In 2015 she was successful in her first such project; the 2016 Zodiac Fae Calendar. Along with the long-term project of painting of her own Tarot Card Deck, she recently announced the start of “Savage Majesty”, A fantasy creature playing card deck.”

(All artwork by and copyright to Leslie Casilli.)


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