A Simple Waiver…

warningYou’ll need to sign this simple waiver to attend our show:
WARNING: ENTER GLIMMERDARK AT YOUR OWN RISK. Management will not be held responsible for confusion and bedazzlement, disturbances in the Force, love potions, Ragnarok, the end of the world, spontaneous pointy-ear syndrome, Puck, vanishing Faerie gold, increasing Faerie alcohol tolerance, unmanaged mischief, TARDIS malfunctions, Puck, the Return of the King, the Jedi, or the weird box you bought at that strange shop which inexplicably vanished when you turned your back on it, what happens when you give coffee to mythological beings, what happens when you believe in mythological beings, what happens when mythological beings believe in you, Puck, golden apples marked ‘Kallisti’, acts of Gods, acts of Goths, Thursdays, losing the One Ring, finding the One Ring, inexplicably comparing George
R. R. Martin to Tolkien, Puck, chaos, calamity, the highly illogical, crossroads deals, Magick ascendant, the illusion of Reality, rebellion against the Capital, Puck, or tulips.