Glimmerdark: The Midwinter Revel
February 3 – 5, 2017
Hyatt Regency Princeton
Princeton, NJ

Glimmerdark is an unconventional Faerie Festival, one which welcomes EVERYONE from every world and genre! Rebel Faeries have left Fairyland and hired Jeff Mach Events to throw a hotel party unparalleled in all space and time!

What will you find? Well, when Faeries are loosed, they’re out to have a damn good time. So there’ll be amazing performers, music, storytelling, shows, our friendly Fae cast, workshops, games, panels, drinking, dancing, and vast amounts of revelry!

Our Faeries are seeking like-minded souls who love any worlds of the imagination, from Faerie to Steampunk to Geekery to Renfaires. Come away with us!

Secure your place among fae and mortal alike and prepare for three days of joyful celebration and memory making. Purchase your tickets today and save!

The next ticket price increase is on November 10, 2016.

General admission grants visitors access to all standard events, panels, performances and shows. Extra events can be purchased separately in addition to your ticket. GLIMMERDARK is appropriate for ages 10 – 17 and for adults. Children 9 and under do not require a purchased admission, as they may find less that appeals to them than their older siblings!

Rooms in the event hotel are sold out. Please consider our official Alternate Lodgings.

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  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Brush With Fairyland

    Cottingley_Fairies_1Have you seen the Cottingley Faeries? They’re this famous set of early pictures of young sisters from Cottingsley, England, who took early photographs of what, to a modern eye, are patently imitation faeries. We make much of the fact that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was taken in by these things, and you can find a lot of people pontificating about how someone could create the world’s greatest fictional detective, but be easily deceived himself.

    It’s spoken of as an example of unsophisticated thinking, of a public, new to technology, which could be bamboozled by the sort of trickery which wouldn’t take in a modern 4-year-old. A child who can’t say “Photoshop” might nevertheless Google these images and say, “They’re not real!”

    Basil_Rathbone_Sherlock_HolmesWhy do we have such disrespect for the imaginary? Newton’s laws of gravitation area real, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who’s affected by gravitation should be able to harness that force and levitate. If magic is a thing, why would it hang out wearing a big sign saying, “This way to Narnia, and genies who fulfill impossible wishes?”

    If magic were real, why on EARTH would it let you SEE it in a photograph, as if it were some easily-trapped natural phenomenon? That’s EXACTLY what magic ISN’T!

    We need to stop asking ourselves, “Why are we so much smarter than those silly people who believed in magick” and start saying, “If magic is as real as physics, it’s going to be the same REALLY HARD WORK to figure some of it out!”

    ~ Jeff Mach

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  • Vending and Programming applications are now open

    Apply for Glimmerdark 2017 Vending

    We will be choosing vendors based on their fit for the theme and flavor of Glimmerdark. Most vendors should have some measure of fantasy theme in their products. This can be high fantasy, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, fantasy gaming, etc. This is an all-ages show. Vendors are allowed to sell age-restricted content, but not as their primary wares. Vendors are responsible for presenting their booth in an appropriate manner to an audience which will include families.

    We will be closing applications no later than close of business on September 23rd, 2016. Any vendor applying after the close of applications will be be added to the event’s Wait List. We will notify all applying vendors of their status by October 8th, 2016–if we have accepted the application, wait listed the application, or declined the application. Wait listed vendors will be contacted in case of a vendor cancellation no later than January 10th, 2017.

    Apply for Glimmerdark 2017 Programming

    This application is for presenters and performers of all walks, seelie and unseelie alike! Please fill this out as thoroughly as possible to best help us understand your needs, your skills, and what you can bring the the Faerie Revel!

    Acceptances and rejections will be made on a rolling basis, with a new crop of notifications at the end of each month. This application will close on December 1st, 2016. All applicants will be responded to, be it acceptance, rejection, or request for more information, by midnight on December 15th, 2016.

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  • The Glimmerdark pool just got more magical!

    dolly glitterJust a reminder, that you may want to bring a bathing suit to Glimmerdark!

    Introducing…….Dolly Glitter!

    A beautiful, fierce, and wild creature, the Unicorn has eluded humans since the beginning of time.  Said to be untamable by man, this breath-taking creature soars through the clouds with elegance and style. Can you tame this mythical beast? She’s 8 feet long! The soft touch vinyl ensures an enchanting ride. (description from

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  • Orcish Wisdom from Glimmerdark

    orcish* Hobbit goes best with a playful White Zinfandel
    * Training pet Wargs requires love, care, and an
    extensive first-aid kit
    * Sunlight burns, but the fluorescent lighting in
    shopping malls is really tacky.
    * Not every Orc beats drums in the Deep. Some
    also play bass.
    * If you can’t eat it, it’s probably not important.
    * Floss

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  • The Evil Overlord’s Guide To Glimmerdark

    overlord1. No, you can’t all have the One Ring. There’s
    only one of it.
    2. Always quaff the blood of your vanquished
    enemies responsibly.
    3. The Dark Side of the Force thrives on fear,
    anger, and occasionally, prancing.
    4. Don’t enact forbidden magicks if you haven’t
    brought enough to share with the whole class.
    5. No, your Army of Darkness cannot get
    children’s admissions, even if some of them
    were only cloned last year.
    6. If you must use your hotel room as a secret
    lair, please be considerate to your neighbors.
    Do not hit the self-destruct button after 10 p.m

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  • Glimmerdark Bar Rules

    barrulesDrink responsibly.
    Dream irresponsibly. Buy the next round.
    Let the wookie win.
    Think of the pure pale ale of Fairyland and be grateful this place serves margaritas.
    Never try to out-drink a Klingon.
    Curb your dragon.
    Absinthe is not a condiment.
    A Lannister always pays his bar tab.
    Size matters not, so make it a double.
    Drink to Oberon’s health, and absence.

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  • Glimmerdark: An Invitation

    invitationThe walls of Reality are thin
    Strange things are a-creepin’ in!
    The walls of Fantasy – surprise!
    Are made of duct tape & French fries
    Science fiction – it is known
    Is here already – cover’s blown!
    When Actuality’s impounded
    You’ll find a world wholly unbounded
    If that’s wrong, it can’t be righted
    So we’re throwing a party – and you’re invited
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  • Glimmerdark Code of Conduct

    conduct• Treat others with love and kindness, because there is plenty of room for more fish in the Koi Pond, and we have ample Fairy Dust.
    • Respect the preferred pronouns, identity, and species of those around you.
    • Do not touch, ensorcell, or transmogrify anyone without their consent.
    • In the interest of ensuring that no souls be stolen by cameras, please obtain permission before photographing anyone.
    • Please do not steal anyone’s soul. If you borrow someone’s soul, please give it back.

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  • Recommendations On How To Party At Glimmerdark

    party• Like it’s 1999 and you’re well aware there won’t be a 2000
    • Like it’s the Fall of Atlantis
    • Like it’s the Apocalypse
    • Like it’s the Post-Apocalypse
    • Like it’s Ragnarok and you’re on the side with the good mead
    • Like Fairyland is burning
    • Like “Real Life” isn’t really living
    • Like you’re coming home

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  • Glimmerdark Etiquette 101: Salutations

    salutationsHow to greet a Dark Elf:
    “What’re you drinking?”
    How to greet a Light Elf:
    “What’re you drinking?”
    How to greet a Time-Traveler
    “What’re you drinking?”
    How to greet a Mad Scientist
    “What’re you drinking?”
    How to greet a Cyborg
    “What’re you drinking?”
    How to greet an Eldritch Horror
    “What’re you drinking?”
    How to greet Puck:
    “Whatever you’re drinking, I’ll have something else.”

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  • Gentle Reminders

    rulesGentle Reminders For Our Dark Fae & Unseelie Guests

    * The event staff are necessary to the continuation of the event. Do not eat them.

    * The forces of Chaos and Anarchy are already with us. Summoning them a second time is purely redundant.

    * The koi in the hotel pond aren’t ours. Do not eat them.

    * If you’re an unspeakable horror beyond touch of time, please pay your bar bill in advance.

    * If you wish to practice your strange and unholy midnight rites, please use your “inside” voices to avoid complaints.

    * These reminders are helpful to you and your kin. Do not eat them.

    * Please keep the truce with the Seelie Court. The triumph of the dark is inevitable, so might as well take the weekend off.

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  • Glimmerdark Pool Rules

    poolSwim thou not if intoxicated
    Recent-fed, or dehydrated
    Wicked Witch, make no ablutions
    Which might lead to dissolution
    Horesplay prohibited, of course
    Even if thou art half horse
    Dive thou not! Push not thy luck
    (Thy head to hurt? Just ask Puck!)
    And beforehand, swim thou must
    To rinse residual Faerie dust.

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  • A Simple Waiver…

    warningYou’ll need to sign this simple waiver to attend our show:
    WARNING: ENTER GLIMMERDARK AT YOUR OWN RISK. Management will not be held responsible for confusion and bedazzlement, disturbances in the Force, love potions, Ragnarok, the end of the world, spontaneous pointy-ear syndrome, Puck, vanishing Faerie gold, increasing Faerie alcohol tolerance, unmanaged mischief, TARDIS malfunctions, Puck, the Return of the King, the Jedi, or the weird box you bought at that strange shop which inexplicably vanished when you turned your back on it, what happens when you give coffee to mythological beings, what happens when you believe in mythological beings, what happens when mythological beings believe in you, Puck, golden apples marked ‘Kallisti’, acts of Gods, acts of Goths, Thursdays, losing the One Ring, finding the One Ring, inexplicably comparing George
    R. R. Martin to Tolkien, Puck, chaos, calamity, the highly illogical, crossroads deals, Magick ascendant, the illusion of Reality, rebellion against the Capital, Puck, or tulips.

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  • Puck’s True Parting Words

    shadowsIf we shadows have offended,
    Note my knee is yet unbended
    Think you have but slumber’d here?
    Let that illusion disappear
    That’s some weak and idle theme,
    Crushed by the force of unpent dream
    Gentles, do not reprehend:
    That’s breath you’d better elsewhere spend
    And, as I am an honest Puck,
    If you’re unscathed, know it was luck
    Now to ‘scape the serpent’s tongue,
    Behold a Fairyland unsprung
    Else the Puck a liar call:
    Magic rise and reason fall
    Give me your hands, if we be friends,
    For Faerie comes. Reality bends.

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